Here is a quick tour of Huntington Beach Martial Arts USA. 

Here is a quick tour of Huntington Beach Martial Arts USA. 

At our studio, we believe in the power of motivation.

Our instructors are passionate about helping our students set and achieve their martial arts goals, whether it's mastering a new technique, improving fitness, or gaining confidence.

We provide personalized instruction, tailored to individual abilities and progress, ensuring that every student feels supported on their martial arts journey.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, our doors are open to you.

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Why Huntington Beach Love Our Martial Arts School.

Kymberly Turnquist recommends Martial Arts USA.

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My son has been participating in their classes for over 6 months, and it has helped him become more confident and goal oriented. I can’t express how amazing the instructors are and great with kids! I would highly recommend this class! Phenomenal.

James NhatKhang recommends Martial Arts USA.

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My Son started training with Master Kim & Master Nguyen at Martial Arts USA at the age at 4.. it's been 2 years and he's come a long way from barely understanding multiple step commands to 2 belts shy of his Black belt this coming fall. This is not just any Taekwondo or Martial Arts Academy. Here, self disciplined is learn & practice both physically and mentally.
The school is open 6 days a week with very flexible class scheduling for those parents who are advocates of raising well rounded children who have full calendars.
Professional, Safe, and definitely a school with integrity!!!
Kelly Doan, Mother.

Lee Lanzini recommends Martial Arts USA.

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The BEST martial arts studio in town! Master Kim truly is a master at what he teaches and his instructors are just as special too. They are all so gifted with their teachings and their patience with all of the students is unwavering. My very active son trained for years here and became so much more calmer, focused and confident because of it. Martial Arts USA is such a special place and I will be forever grateful to Master Kim for being such an important part of my son growing into the special man he is today. Thank you so much Martial Arts USA! You are truly amazing!

Kristelle Ward recommends Martial Arts USA.

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My son has been going to Martial Arts USA for about four years now. He started as a white belt and is now a black belt. He has learned to be more focused and disciplined in all aspects of his life. Master Kim and instructor Nguyen are kind and caring with kids. I recommend them to everyone, including adults!

Melody Keenan recommends Martial Arts USA.

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Prior to entering the program with Martial Arts USA, our son was struggling in school. He had a hard time focusing in class so he was not getting his work done and was distracting other children. Being the rambunctious boy he is, it was hard for him to sit still and be quiet during class, and so his classwork suffered. The teacher, my husband and I were concerned for him and what would happen if things continued. So… something had to change. We placed our son in the Martial Arts USA program 5 months ago (at month 4 we placed him in the leadership program) and we have seen a tremendous turn around in both his behavior and his classwork. Our son is able to sit in class and do his work quietly, he is not distracting other children anymore and his report card showed all high marks including the note from the teacher stating he was doing excellent!

Jeff Wright recommends Martial Arts USA.

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Martial Arts USA is a fantastic place for kids and young adults to learn skills they will use and be able to leverage for life. At the same time they get to learn and work toward mastery of a great physical and mental art form - Tae Kwon Do. My 5 year old son has attended for nearly 2 years, has made several friends and simply loves this place.

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