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Huntington Beach Women's Self Defense:

Our Women's Self Defense classes have two goals:
1) get you safe, and
2) get you in amazing shape, fast. You'll accomplish both while having fun, making friends, and loving life.


We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

Our Self Defense Program Is Effective & Empowering.

Change happens here in your body, mind and spirit.

Practical, reality based self defense classes will give you the ability to protect yourself and overcome an attacker. Knowing how to defend yourself can help you feel less anxious in public, or fearful when walking alone at night.

You will learn the basics of how to QUICKLY disable and protect yourself from an attacker so that you can escape.

You'll discover:

The principles of defense

Awareness and avoidance techniques

Stress and adrenaline response

Effective blocking, punching & kicking

Targets and weapons of the human body

Close range combat, including throws & take-downs

Defense against grabs, holds, head locks & chokes

Defense against multiple attackers

And more

Training Beginners Is Our Specialty.

We welcome beginners with open arms. That's because most people have never thrown a kick or a punch in their life before coming to us.

I know it might be a bit nerve-wracking to try something new like self-defense. Maybe you're anxious or afraid that you won't be able to do it. Maybe you're not in the best shape right now and you don't want to feel out of place.

Let me tell you... none of that matters. For real. Come as you are, and our awesome instructors will train you just as you are with understanding, hands on support and a whole lot of fun every step of the way.

Get Lean, Strong & Fit.

Not only are our workouts super-fun, they'll also whip you into shape fast while providing you with a total body, mind and spirit connection.

Self-defense training will have a profound impact on your life. Weight loss, reduced stress and mental focus are just a few of the positives that most people experience.

You'll also build strength, endurance, flexibility, power, and speed.

Our workouts are just a great way to get in shape and improve your overall physical and mental well-being. And bonus - you'll make like-minded friends you can lean on for motivation, support and encouragement.

Become A New & Improved You.

We don't grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.

Our classes are the perfect mix of fun, thrill and challenge. We empower people from all walks of life to defend themselves in any situation.

When you see the immediate and long-term results, your confidence will soar, and you'll start to accomplish more and more in all parts of your life. With greater focus, strength and determination, you'll be able to accomplish great things in life.

And that's the real gift of our Self Defense classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been tested in real, life-threatening confrontations. Students learn verbal tactics to keep themselves safe in situations of threats, attacks, and violence or boundary violations - whether with friends, acquaintances, dates, family or strangers. You will learn basic physical techniques to use if verbal tactics are not enough. Students will have the opportunity to practice the use of physical and verbal skills in drills and simulated attack scenarios. While there is nothing flashy about the system, it is highly effective, nonetheless.
Not at all. Self-defense is taught to men, women, and children who want the absolute best training in self-protection.
Ask yourself what you are looking for. Do you want practical self-defense techniques for real-life situations? Do you want to have the confidence and know how to prevent, de-escalate, and defend yourself when you feel threatened or scared? If so, Self-Defense training is for you. But if you're not sure, give it a try to find out. Chances are you'll love how confident and empowered you feel as a result.
No worries. You don't need any martial arts experience to start training in Self-Defense. That's our job... to show you how to use your voice and your body to fight back and defend yourself. The system is designed to take students with no previous experience and bring them to a level of proficiency and confidence as quickly as possible.
While the classes can be challenging and physically demanding at times, you do not need to get in shape first. This program is designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level. In fact, taking classes is a great way to get in shape. Our class format is created to encourage students to step outside their comfort zone a bit, but also allow them to progress and reach their goals at a pace they feel comfortable with.
A: Safety is our top priority and utmost care is given in creating a safe training environment that doesn't have any egos, anger, or tempers. However, as with all contact training, there is a slight risk of injury. Everyone here is very understanding, supportive, and helpful in class so the chances of getting hurt are small.

Check out what Google users are saying about Huntington Beach Martial Arts

- a year ago
The BEST martial arts studio in town! Master Kim truly is a master at what he teaches and his instructors are just as special too. They are all so gifted with their teachings and their patience with all of the students is unwavering. My very active son trained for years here and became so much more calmer, focused and confident because of it. Martial Arts USA is such a special place and I will be forever grateful to Master Kim for being such an important part of my son growing into the special man he is today. Thank you so much Martial Arts USA! You are truly amazing!

Shipwrecks Ken
- a year ago
I have been attending Martial Arts USA for four years now, and am very pleased with my positive experience. The staff is friendly and very helpful, and there is this sense of camaraderie amongst the students; everybody wants to see everyone else succeed. Further, I have to admit, I'm amazed at the changes I've noticed in my own life since taking up this endeavor that are definitely for the better. These changes have far out surpassed any expectations I had when starting this venture four year back. I recommend Martial Arts USA to any and all!

Kristell Ward
- a year ago
My son has been going to Martial Arts USA for about four years now. He started as a white belt and is now a black belt. He has learned to be more focused and disciplined in all aspects of his life. Master Kim and instructor Nguyen are kind and caring with kids. I recommend them to everyone, including adults!

James NhatKhang
- a year ago
My Son started training with Master Kim & Master Nguyen at Martial Arts USA at the age at 4.. it's been 2 years and he's come a long way from barely understanding multiple step commands to 2 belts shy of his Black belt this coming fall. This is not just any Taekwondo or Martial Arts Academy. Here, self disciplined is learn & practice both physically and mentally. The school is open 6 days a week with very flexible class scheduling for those parents who are advocates of raising well rounded children who have full calendars. Professional, Safe, and definitely a school with integrity!!! Kelly Doan, Mother.

Melody Keenan
- 4 years ago
Prior to entering the program with Martial Arts USA, our son was struggling in school. He had a hard time focusing in class so he was not getting his work done and was distracting other children. Being the rambunctious boy he is, it was hard for him to sit still and be quiet during class, and so his classwork suffered. The teacher, my husband and I were concerned for him and what would happen if things continued. So… something had to change. We placed our son in the Martial Arts USA program 5 months ago (at month 4 we placed him in the leadership program) and we have seen a tremendous turn around in both his behavior and his classwork. Our son is able to sit in class and do his work quietly, he is not distracting other children anymore and his report card showed all high marks including the note from the teacher stating he was doing excellent! This is not the same information we received on his previous report card. Our son loves going to Martial Arts USA. He looks forward to his lessons and applies what he has learned at home and at school. We couldn’t be prouder of him nor more pleased with the program at Martial Arts USA. I would recommend this program to any parent who has a child struggling like our son. I can’t say enough good things about Master Kim and his program. Thank you, Master Kim, for helping our son reach his full potential. He is becoming the respectful and intelligent young man we knew he could be.

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